Canadian Chemical, A Global Provider Of Better Quality Products And Customer Service

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The current United States economy, more specifically the housing market, has had great affects on the construction industry with unemployment currently floating around 30%. Canadian Chemical, a global provider of better quality products and services is one of the many commercial construction companies that are experiencing problems. More construction companies are following a, “the low bidder gets the job,” mentality versus providing true quality products and customer service, which in return results in a company like Canadian Chemical to lose sales. TJ Wood who is the Vice President of Sales for Canadian Chemical understands the dilemma and is unsure how to better generate sales for the company. After reviewing the sales representatives, products being sold, selling expenses, and the income statement it is evident changes need to be made in order to remain relevant as a top seller in the industry.
An overall problem for the industry is the lack of quality products and customer service as a result of extremely low prices. Many companies are profiting off cheap products that are produced quickly to commodity businesses. Being a company that considers itself a very high-ranking leader in the industry, Canadian Chemical has to combat this shift in the industry in order to acquire enough sales to remain afloat. As the Vice President of Sales, TJ is responsible for overseeing the representatives and suggesting how they should approach selling to what fits best. Because…
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