Canadian Climate Change

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During the Canadian Climate Change conference, there were many compelling arguments for both sides. On the side that wanted Canada to take immediate action, they brought up the fact that our future generations would have to suffer from the consequences of our selfish, greedy and reckless lifestyle of burning fossil fuels. Furthermore, they exaggerated the outcomes of manmade climate change and bringing up feelings of pity for the future generations because they will have to live in a polluted world that humans created. They said that if we do not take action now, there will be many jobs lost due to climate change. Although there are many jobs in the fossil fuels business, they will not continue forever because they are finite and will run…show more content…
They brought up how the ice caps and sea ice are melting and how the Albedo feedback would be much worse because of all these white surfaces melting, increasing the effects of climate change. Furthermore, they brought up the great number of people who count on shellfish and other ocean creatures as a food source, but ocean acidification has been affecting the animals they eat. Oceans have become more acidic by 30% and is not showing signs of slowing down. Also, they talked about the ocean currents and how thermohaline circulation will be affected by melting glaciers, ice sheets and sea…show more content…
For example, Nancy Nocare said: “ In the past 2000 years, we have seen the Roman Warm Period (warmer than today), the Cooler Dark Ages, The Medieval Warm Period (at least as warm as today), Little Ice Age ( that drove vikings out of Greenland) and most recently, a gradual 300 year warming to the present day. (many changes and none of which were caused by humans)”. Also, Over and over again, within virtually any time frame, we find the climate changing, for reasons we do not understand. Although, something we do know is that there are many more factors in play than simply the concentration of Co2 in the atmosphere. Factors such as, the shape and size of the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the Sun, activity from the sun, as well as the amount of wobble and tilt in the Earth’s axis among many others. She said: “Yes, using fossil fuels for energy has a side effect—increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Okay. But what about the upside? In the case of fossil fuel that upside is enormous: the cheap, plentiful, and reliable energy that makes modern life possible, and at a scale no other energy source can match. The latest trend has been a warming one, but it began nearly a century before there were significant carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels. Also, there been no significant warming trend in the 21st century.
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