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MKTG 111 Group Portfolio Assignment Canadian Club Whisky December 9, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Overview 3 Strategic Analysis 4 Recommendations 5 Competitive Analysis 8 Target Market Analysis 9 Positioning Statement and Positioning Map 10 Marketing Communications Analysis 15 SWOT Analysis 17 Bibliography 18 Introduction The popularity and worldwide success of Canadian Club can be attributed to more than just its great flavour. Review of key marketing components has given an all around understanding of the thought process involved in ensuring the success of this company. These components include, the analysis of the product, pricing, competition, target market, position within the market,…show more content…
In taste tests, Canadian Club has surpassed competitors like Crown Royal and Jack Daniels and its price should reflect this. By Marking up its price from $23.40 for a 26 oz bottle to approximately $30.00, consumers will observe Canadian Club to be of higher quality and value. It is highly recommended that nothing be changed about the product itself. In order to maintain its classic status, the bottle, labeling, flavour, and production process should remain true to its original state. Changing the bottle and labeling of Canadian Club may also result in being poorly received by current customers and Canadian Club may lose sales. As a result of strict Canadian liquor distribution laws, there is very little that can be done or can be recommended in terms of determining the placement of Canadian Club. Canadian Club is available in any licensed store and most bars across Canada (LCBO, 2011). To establish a future customer base, creating and promoting a unique new cocktail menu featuring Canadian Club as the cocktail base would be effective. There have been many Boardwalk Empire inspired cocktails created with Canadian Club Whisky, that can be made up into a small booklet, sold with a 26 oz bottle of Canadian Club. Some of these drinks include the Boardwalk Manhattan, the Tea-Totaller Teaser, and the Top Hat (Loughlin, C, 2010). Teaming up Canadian Club and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire with a new contest promotion would work beneficially for both parties.

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