Canadian Company: Rogers Control Essay

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Rogers can control some of the key factors for our generation if you let them. Rogers is the most influential Canadian Company in our lives today. Rogers controls many things that we use today, some including: TV, Radio, Mobile Devices, Media, Broadcasting, etc.

Rogers was founded in 1925 by Edward Rogers and was originally called “Standard Radio Manufacturing”. Its main objective was to sell battery-less radio’s using “Vacuum Tube “Technology. (He created the first successful alternating current radio tube.) The company then changed its name to “Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited and then Rogers Battery-less Radio Company. On May 6th, 1939, Edward Rogers Sr. Passed away and that left his son Edward (Ted) Rogers Jr. to take over the company.

In 1962 Ted Rogers started the company Rogers Radio Broadcasting Limited in Toronto, Canada. Also in 1962 he pioneered FM Stereo Broadcasting on a station called CHFI. He led Canadians onto the idea of FM Transmitters and then CHFI became the most listened to Radio Station in Canada. Because of Rogers’ Radio business, this led them to the market for televisions and television cables. This led the company to grow vastly. In 1986 they changed the company name from Rogers Cable-systems to Rogers Communications. In 1989 Rogers completed a sale of US cable television for 1.581 Billion dollars. In 1995 Rogers added a number of new channel options on under a “negative option-billing plan”. Customers did not enjoy this and were opting out of…