Canadian Decision Making Model For Personnel Selection

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Running head: PERSONNEL SELECTION 1 The Canadian Decision Making Model for Personnel Selection Tiffany Leaf Walden University Author Note This paper was prepared for PSYC 8705, taught by Professor Dr. Leanna Parker PERSONNEL SELECTION 2 According to London and Bray 1980 as cited in Beresoff, (2003) although some situations may be constructed by the employer, the psychologist perceives and interprets the situation with restrictions that he or she believes contribute to an ethical practice. On the other hand, tests given for one…show more content…
For instance, APA (2002) guidelines state that standard procedures in evaluations should include a clear explanation to the examinee of the evaluation process that include direct and honest answers to the test questions. Moreover, the psychologists ' obligations to the employer include providing accurate expectations for evaluative procedures, and respecting the employer 's rights. On this basis, they are to provide high quality information for personnel decisions that are reliable and valid. The fact that the counselor did not catch the examinee in the act does not release him or her from the obligation to follow ethical procedures. For example, if the counselor strongly suspects that the student is being dishonest, and the Civil Service Agency is his or her PERSONNEL SELECTION 3 client, a question emerges how will the counselor convey this information to the client without also engaging in dishonesty? Based on APA ethical guidelines the following guidelines apply: (a) Standard 5.01a states that psychologists do not knowingly make public statements that are false, deceptive, or fraudulent concerning their research, practice, or other work activities or those of persons or organizations with which they are affiliated.
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