Canadian Decision Making Model For Personnel Selection

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The Canadian Decision Making Model for Personnel Selection

Tiffany Leaf

Walden University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for PSYC 8705, taught by Professor Dr. Leanna Parker


According to London and Bray 1980 as cited in Beresoff, (2003) although some situations may be constructed by the employer, the psychologist perceives and interprets the situation with restrictions that he or she believes contribute to an ethical practice. On the other hand, tests given for one purpose may be used for another purpose. For instance, as they, London and Bray, point out, a score on an employment test may be used later for selection in a training program, assignment to a specific work, or promotion to a higher level (p. 277). Thus, the psychologist would have to consider whether the person is qualified. In this situation, the counselor or professional 's client is the Civil Service Agency, and thus the competence of the individual should be taken into consideration as it is part of the evaluation process. However, the counselor 's first obligation is to adhere to ethical practices (London & Bray, 1980; American Psychological Association [APA], 2000), and cheating would be viewed as an unethical practice. Guided by APA…

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