Canadian Electoral System

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When evaluating either the liberal democracy or constitutional monarchy in Canada it is rudimentary and essential to first recognize that any one given governing structure or system cannot unequivocally be correct or incorrect. Therefore, the present Canadian liberal democratic system functions well; nonetheless, it would further benefit from adopting both the Nordic democratic socialist model and the proportional representation electoral system. The Nordic governing system would benefit the individuals by providing them with parallel wages, universal health care, free or affordable education, public pension plans, welfare, and free trade. Next, if Canada is to adopt the proportional representation electoral system the votes will better represent…show more content…
It has become evident that this is an immensely shared opinion on February fourth when protestors had staged demonstrations across Canada demanding proportional representation. There are various whys and wherefores of this, such as the fact that in the first-past-the-post system the party with the majority straightforwardly wins whilst the votes for other parties and candidates are forgotten with ease. At times, this means that a party or candidate with little support can easily win. To put it in perspective, if Candidate A had twenty-eight percent of the votes, Candidate B had twenty-six percent of the votes, Candidate C had twenty-four percent of the votes, and Candidate D had twenty-two percent of the votes; in this scenario, Candidate A would have won the election despite having seventy-two percent of the population against the decision. For the same reason, the first-past-the-post system in addition does not allow independent candidates and parties to be represented. On the other hand, the proportional representation system will mend both issues as the electorate will be reflected proportionately in the elected body. In this system if x percent of the electorate support a particular political party, then that party will roughly win the same percentage of seats. Thereupon, ending the ruling dynasty of the current three majority parties in Canada and causing all…show more content…
However, Canada can advance its current democratic liberalism by implanting the Nordic system and bringing in electoral reform through the proportional representation electoral system. Despite this, the current liberal democratic state of Canada is not completely flawed; for instance, Canadian citizens are granted many overlooked rights such as the right to compel the government into changing their decision. Thus, Canada’s governing system, although not completely faulty, will take a step in a positive direction by establishing the Nordic System, introducing proportional representation, and continuing to protect the right to the defiance of
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