Canadian Government Is The Most Recent Prime Minister

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Canada has a vast and assorted reach of geographic highlights. Canada is partitioned into 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada is also known as world’s 2nd largest country with over 2million lakes which are covering 7% of the land mass. Its population is approximately 28 million . Geographic size of this country is around 3.9 million square miles and its capital is Ottawa . Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax are major cities of Canada. Canadian government is based on Parliamentary democracy and governed by its own House of Commons. Justin Trudeau is the most recent Prime Minister . Responsibility regarding lawmaking in Canada is shared among ten provincial ,one federal and three territorial governments. Government is organized in 3 levels, which includes Queen of Canada who is Canada’s formal head of state then House of Commons and the power is in Prime Minister’s Hand. The most first people came to live in Canada were the Inuit and First Nation Peoples. The 1st Europeans to achieve the nation were likely the Vikings and it is trusted that Norse traveler Leif Eriksson drove them to the bank of Labrador or Nova Scotia in 1000 C.E. The French People came to live in Canada in 1541 but they officially settled down there in 1604. The English people also started discovering Canada for its hide and fish exchange and in 1670 built up the Hudson 's Bay Company. In 1713 a contention created between the English and French and the English people
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