Canadian Health Care

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Canadian Healthcare
A health care system model refers a program organized in the health care sector with an aim of fulfilling the main goals of a health care system. These goals include reducing heavy medical bills to families due to sickness, use the available resources to make sure that the citizens are healthy, treating those who have already contracted diseases. Various models work differently. Canada's health care system most closely resembles the National Health Insurance model. This is also known as "single payer" health care. Private doctors and hospitals are involved in the provision of health services but are paid through an insurance scheme which is organized by the government. The country’s citizens make their payments
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Canada's health care plan "controls costs by limiting the medical services they will pay for, or by making patients wait to be treated".
*********** This extended waiting period causes some Canadians to seek more expeditious care in the United States.
Language differences. There are different cultures that have distinct languages in
Canada, particularly French. Health care workers need to understand first before engaging in a conversation whether the patient understands the language the health care worker is using to enhance understanding between the two. In cases where the patient can’t understand the language, an interpreter should be used or even body language to express the health care ideas to the patient till he/she understands. Various methods of communication should be used including diagrammatic charts and other written materials which can be understood by patients with various communication disabilities.
Taboos and customs differences. Different races have different customs and taboos. A health care should understand the community’s customs as explained by the patient and
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