Canadian Multiculturalism Act And The Canadian Charter Of Rights

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Multiculturalism has always been perceived as one of the integral components of Canadian Culture . Under the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, Canadian citizens are free to exercise their religious and cultural practices . However, niqab ban takes effect in some public aspects of Canada . Supporters of the ban believes that wearing niqab is not a part of the Canadian Culture and should be banned in order to free Muslim Women from oppression . Niqab ban, however, infringes on the religious and cultural freedom instilled in the Canadian Multiculturalism Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and is unlawful . A careful examination on Canadian culture and laws, the origins and arguments of the ban, and its implications is needed in order to further understand the issue.
The Canadian Culture
Canada has never acknowledged itself as a homogeneous nation but rather rooted in diversity . The government assume a neutral role in regards to religion and accommodation, keeping in mind the goal of integration based on differences . Immigrants are placed in a different situation where they are expected to adopt and assimilate elements of the Canadian culture and at the same time still try to keep their own cultural identity . Canada is known for encouraging diversity and has a positive perspective on minority group’s traditional practices . The Multiculturalism Act is supposed to give the same and fair recognition and accommodation for non-dominant groups .…
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