Canadian Occupational Performance Measure ( Copm ) Interview

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Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) Interview: Lindsey Beaver is a 21-year-old Dalhousie student who has recently been diagnosed with multiple concussions. Within the past year she has sustained three concussions. Prior to her concussion, she was generally a healthy and active female luckily, Lindsey has great support in her life. She lives at home with her big family that offers supports such as transportation, financial support and physical/psychological support when needed. Her professors and instructors at Dalhousie are also extremely accommodating and understanding of missed time and extended due dates. Lindsey also utilizes her academic advisors in regard to communicating with the school and choosing her classes. She also has consulted with multiple concussion specialists in Halifax for her head injuries. Unfortunately, Lindsey experiences gaps within her daily life. Lindsey still lives at home and during our interview, expressed difficulties with her sense of independence as she has been relying more on her family for help. She is starting to feel isolated at her house. She explains how she feels limited with her choice of activity due to her head injury. Lindsey also explained how she is missing time at school and experiencing stress and anxiety due to multiple late assignments and missed classes. She is not participating in community activities such as yoga classes and volunteering as she used to, prior to her concussions. These gaps are

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