Canadian Pizza

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In the 21st century, businesses have been exposed to a new kind of business practice model called e-commerce. E-commerce is the technique of carrying out the business operations through the internet. This not only expands the customer base for the business, but also ensures that products and services are delivered in a more organized manner. For the purpose of expanding the operations and to better cater to the needs of the individual customer, Canadian Pizza has also initiated its own e-commerce platform by creating their website called By accepting orders online, Canadian Pizza will be able to maintain more accurate information regarding the customers. This may also form part of an integrated Enterprise Resource…show more content…
Although the website provides all the basic information as you would expect in a normal e-commerce website. It does not allow the customer to place an order online. If the customer is able to place an order online, then it may help increase the sales for Canadian pizza. Delivery services currently accounts for around 80 percent of the total revenue made by the company, but it represents a mere 7% to 8% of the total market share. Therefore, they do have significant scope of market share expansion, which may translate into greater sales and greater profit for the company. Therefore if the company merely adds the option to place orders and checkout online, then it may significantly help increase their market share. Customers can easily sieve through their product list and then place and order online. This will be quicker and easier to process both for the customers as well as the company. References 1. LEE KIAN SEONG, 2009. Pizza maker in upbeat mood. [online]. Available at: [Accessed on 11 December 2011] 2. Canadian2for1 pizza, 2011. About the Company.[online] Available at: [Accessed on 11th December 2011] 3. Canadian2for1 pizza, 2011. Company History.[online] Available at: <> [Accessed on 11th December 2011] 4. Canadian2for1pizza, 2011. Dine-in franchises are available now !!. [online] Available at: <
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