Canadian Social Work Practice : A New Horizon Of Learning Essay

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Canadian Social Work Practice: A New Horizon of Learning My clear and definite understanding of critical theories and postmodern thoughts provides me significant and appropriate frameworks to practice as a progressive social worker in Canadian context (Morley, 2003). My exploration of reflective practice and the fundamentals of critical self reflection approach enhanced my understanding of specific client situations. Moreover, my learning about anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice helps me to identify socially constructed structural factors which are oppressive in various clientele circumstances (Hickson, 2011). All the above mentioned understandings are merely new to me in terms of practice. I have emphasized more on the principles and guidelines of “ecologically oriented”, “competence-cantered” social work practice in back home. My assessments and interventions in the community mental health practices were to modify the environment, provide support and enhance the strengths and potentialities of the client. I have never focused on the oppressive structural factors like “poverty”, “bureaucratic dominance”, “race”, “religion”, “gender”, “power imbalance”, “class”, “economic barriers”, and “status quo” (Morley, 2003). And I found that all my new learnings are very important as a social work practitioner. A clear and conscious consideration of my social location will perhaps helps me to avoid the reproduction of ‘power over’ relationship with my clients; it

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