Canadian War Museum Exhibition Analysis

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Introduction: The Canadian War Museum provides an exhibition specifically on ways in which women lives were transiting throughout the First and Second World War. The exhibition laid many artifacts which came from women, such as photographs, voice overs, diaries, and souvenirs. The artifacts played a prominent role in understanding the experience of the World Wars from a woman point of view. The artifacts provide an understanding of the stories that women were facing challenges with. The challenges allowed women to grow and show what they are capable of. Since men were occupied fighting with their allies’ women took control and started participating and working. The techniques the exhibition provides the audience with used to produce a powerful identity to remind women of their capabilities. Women in the era of the World Wars have embraced their hidden techniques which the exhibition exposes, which aids in forming the exhibition's narrative. The World War Women at the Canadian War Museum explore ways in which women unfold their personal stories of the loss of their loved ones, the transition from home to jobs, and propaganda. The World War Women is a great exhibition to…show more content…
For example, a bright red background written in large font, “SAVE WASTE PAPER – IT IS USED FOR AMMUNITION AND OTHER VITAL NEEDS”, under the text was a soldier and his weapon. Another example is the propaganda by J.Howard Miller’s stating “WE CAN DO IT!” with women wearing a uniform, exposing her biceps. This kind of propaganda impacted women since it changed their domestic habits and encouraged them to join factories and farms. The government propaganda was the main factor that societies finally approved of women joining industries. This propaganda is relevant since it allowed women to believe they are capable of more than just household
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