Canadian Water Debate

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Water Debate
Selling our water will be beneficial to Canadians because it will create new jobs and help out the economy, we could have Canada trade its water for other natural resources instead of just selling it.
With Canada having 20% of the world’s fresh water and 9% of the world’s renewable fresh water means that we will have enough to sell and trade with other countries and to keep for our own. Canadians waste a lot of water mainly by flushing the toilet takes up 30% of the water, bathing 35%, 20% drinking and 10% cooking. Canadians could easily cut down on water by enforcing laws to making water more expensive or even cutting down the time they use the water. Around the world 1.4 Billion people are lacking clean drinking water with Canada’s population being just around 35 million. Each year seven million from all around the world die year from diseases linked to unsanitary water and the problem is getting worse each year.
Other countries that are in need of water will come after Canada first because Canadians have a lot of water with low population making it an “easy target” for them to attack for water.
If Canadians sold water to other countries it would prevent future wars from happening and people dying from diseases.

Water Application
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Canadians over use their water carelessly while other
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