Canadian Wireless Industry : An Exciting Potential Investment Opportunity

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Executive summary Canadian wireless industry is an interesting potential investment opportunity worth further consideration due to the overall economic trend and remains heavily committed to improving the availability and performance of wireless communication services. The Canadian wireless market demonstrates a need to serve a massive geographic area. Consumers deserve a competitive vibrant market, and demand for better service packages and lower costs. The wireless mobile industry is still a growing industry, with revenues continuing to increase over the next few years. Wind Mobile’s unlimited plans have also contributed to the increase per subscriber usage of wireless. Features and functionality redefined by new technology i.e. new…show more content…
Overview Canadians demand for cutting edge mobile technology and services has shifted the industry to require frequent capital expenditure. Unofficially, Wind Mobile could be potentially the fourth biggest communication service provider to address the evolving nature of technology. The global boom in demand for mobile cellular communications has been increasing exponentially. There is clearly a continued need for investors to invest in new technology within the wireless industry. The wireless industry is an interesting potential investment opportunity worth further consideration because Canada is well positioned to meet strong demands for wireless technologies. Canada’s competitive advantage includes network readiness, wireless innovation, favourable corporate income tax and superior quality of life. In order for transformations and new competitions to be made possible, the investments on wireless technology will enable mobile service providers such as Wind Mobile to deliver sustained growth in the industry. Demand Analysis Demand in the wireless industry is measured in terms of number of subscriptions and service usages. Mobile phone subscriber growth has been increasing for years since the early 2000s. This is shown below using wireless phone subscriptions in Canada overtime from the CWTA facts and figures1 in 2013. Using average Canadian mobile wireless prices by service basket from Wall Communications Inc.2, the wireless service basket
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