Cancer : A Cure For Cancer

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There is No Cure
Over 1,665,540 people were diagnosed and 585,720 people died from cancer in 2014 (“Cancer Facts”). Cancer will eventually take over because there is no cure. Many people have devoted their entire lives to finding a cure for cancer. Billions of dollars have been put into research. Unfortunately, most people have come up short in finding a definite way of curing cancer. Cancer has many different treatments that vary out of these main treatments: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The main treatments and cancer research are not able to keep up with the increase in cancer incidents in the human population.
Since there is no definite cure for cancer, billions of dollars have been spent trying to find one. On average, 4.8 billion dollars a year is spent on cancer research. Breast cancer had the most money put towards finding a cure for it at around $572.6 million dollars. Next was prostate cancer at $285.4 million. Another cancer that had a lot of money put towards research was uterine cancer at about $17.1 million. (“How Much”). Most of all of this money comes from large organizations or governments who specifically donate money for cancer research.
Chemotherapy is the use of certain drugs to treat cancer. Doctors will choose drugs depending on the type of cancer diagnosis. For example, chemotherapy is used to treat breast cancer. (“How is”). There are many side effects of chemotherapy. A few are; anemia, appetite loss, memory loss, bleeding, clotting,
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