Cancer And The Cost Of Cancer Drugs

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Mohamed A Mohamed

I am writing about Cancer and the cost of cancer drugs. In this country and mostly first world countries is where most people have cancer. I went to Ethiopia and Somalia last year with two oncologist who were doing research over there. And the idea of learning about cancer really become attracted me. I am currently employed at the OSU James Cancer Hospital, I see lot people who are in a financial depth cause of the cancer.

The Cost Of Cancer Drugs.

Steenma, David, MD, and Adam Elshaug, MD. "Journal of Oncology Practice." High Cancer Drug Prices in the United States: Reasons and Proposed Solutions. American Society of Clinical Oncology, n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2016. in the journal of oncology practice gives really good abstract and understanding on why cancer drugs are so high and why are the pharmaceutical companies have big impact on this situation. the article discuss why free market economy in the united state is about commodities, in this case a medication should not be a case of commodities.
The doctors who have wrote this article talk about how cancer drugs have their own prices in the united state. and how they follow their own economic rules. they show time table of how the cancer drug treatments went up past 15 years in the united states.
They discuss why are the reasons the factor in the price changing of this drug treatments.
Here is are the reason why are cancer drugs so high in this country. 1- it costs $1 billion or…
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