Cancer And The Second Point

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Since the beginning of time cancer has had a major impact on the world, from your love ones or your self slowly dying from it. What is Cancer, where did it come from, how did we as humans get it? Who does it affect? Are there different types of cancer? Can I get cancer? These are just some questions that can go through a persons mind just thinking about cancer or seeing it in the media. The Definition of cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. In this research paper I will discuss three main issues that involve cancer including what is cancer/ what causes cancer and the second point is the different types of cancer the third point is the effects that cancer leaves on love ones or…show more content…
Not only does a human get cancer but also a animal can, they also have different types also.
There are plenty of causes to cancer the website that had very credible information ( was from a doctor. Also some cancer causing agents:
• Mutations
• Bacterial and viral infections
• Ionizing Radiations
• Chemical Carcinogens
• Genetic or inherited cancer
• Hormonal changes
• Immune system dysfunction

What are some types of cancer; there are more than 100 types of cancer, that is a extremely big number in a persons life types once you get cancer and you fight it and you go into remission and it goes away. Cancer never really goes away it will always be there, you could have had for example lung cancer and if you went doctors to find out now you have breast cancer those cells are already in your body which is causing harm. I would be writing a novel if I wrote about every single type of cancer but I am going to talk about the major types that affect people the most.
The most painful types of cancer according to patients is of the
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