Cancer: Basic Science and Clinical Aspects

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Cancer is one of the most terrible maladies that a person living in the contemporary society can possibly think of. It is responsible for the deaths of millions of individuals every year and it is very probable that rates are going to go up in the near future. The disease affects a series of sectors in the present-day society, as it does not only have a negative effect for the people who suffer from it. Many people are unable to understand that cancer is a very complex entity and that it destroys the life of numerous persons every day. Even with the fact that individuals have trouble dealing with the malady, many parts of society are actively engaged in finding efficient methods of combating it. One of the most horrible that a person can hear across his or her life is "You have cancer." "Such a diagnosis can turn a person's world upside down and conjure up thoughts of what lies ahead: pain, disfigurement, disability, nausea, hair loss, or even death" (Almeida & Barry 1). Even with this, the fact that cancer research has progressed greatly during the recent years brought hope to millions of people from around the world. Cancer is no longer as horrible as it once was and numerous people today have managed to get rid of it. Cancer can easily be explained by regarding it as the uncharacteristic and incontrollable growth of cells that were previously normal. A cell transforms as it DNA alters over a longer period of time and it is eventually no longer able to complete its
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