Cancer Cell Structure And Properties

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Cancer cell structure and properties

We know that all the incarnate beings are comprised of cells. All these cells found in living organisms have an ability to develop and divide in a precise and controlled way. This ability of cells allows living organisms to function appropriately. Any mutations or changes in these normal functioning cells would lead to an irrepressible growth of these cells. This kind of irrepressible growth is the characteristic feature of cancer cells. Cancer cells are enclosed by a specific membrane, which provides a structural barrier and thus blocks its interaction with microenvironment, receptors, enzymes, and transport systems of human body or living organism. This structural barrier is formed because of the physical and chemical properties of its constituents. Cancer cells also have a property to metastasize. This allows them to spread and localize throughout the. Hence, in order to treat such an unfathomable disease, it is imperative to understand the genesis, cellular structure, and properties of cancerous cells. In this report, I have delineated disparity between healthy and cancer cells, and properties of cancer cells in order to have a better understanding of this unfathomable disease.

Cancer is a disease described by hysterical growth and spread of abnormal forms of normal body cells. In advanced countries, cancer results in most of the deaths related to disease. Even
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