Cancer Council Essay

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Hello, my name is Sophie Rees and I am here to talk to you all about the charity I work and support for, The Cancer Council. The Cancer Council is one of Australia’s largest independent funders of Cancer Research. Over $70.5 million dollars of research grants totalled in 2015 and this was a major help to us as an organisation. Our organisation straight up funded a huge $48.1 million dollars with also an addition of $22.4 million, which was used for our research funding partners. We provide early prevention and detection programs which are great ways to help people reduce and quit smoking, participate in some physical activity which can reduce any risks of cancer and lastly, to protect themselves from the sun. The Cancer Council manage and have…show more content…
There are a large range of organisations which help us as a charity to collect money donations for cancer research and our sun safety products. The money raising events for the cancer council consist of Relay for Life, I will for cancer, The sound of music, Australia’s biggest morning tea, Tuxedo Junction 10th anniversary, Daffodil day, Girls’ night in, Pink ribbon day and Golf charity days. Knowing that all of these listed above donate money and their service to us as the cancer council, this clearly proves that we are a very reliable and trustworthy charity that does not waste their time. By including where our money goes, such as it goes to research, services and sun safety product for the public, this also proves that we as a charity do not waste any money donated to us and every single $1 counts towards something. Cancer is an incredibly hard journey for sufferers, friend and families and it has a massive effect on the population. The Cancer Council, the patients and myself believe the $500,000 would really benefit us as a charity and should be donated to us as we can help every single person by giving them information, help them with financial advice, support groups to help prevent smoking and improve their physical activity in some way and to provide sun safety
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