Cancer Informative Speech

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As a fourteen year old girl I was forced into asking myself a question many people didn 't have the response or answer to such as doctors, scientists, and even God himself. “Why cancer?” The question is inevitable, absolutely inescapable. Almost thirteen million people each year are diagnosed with cancer. Everyone at some point in their life will be affected by cancer, whether that be themselves, a loved one or a friend. For me it was at age fourteen, and it was my grandmother. However deep down I knew she was going to be a warrior. Cancer is one of society 's greatest fears. It attacks us from behind with no warnings. It overcomes our bodies. And worst of all there is no cure for this vicious disease. ”Why don 't we have a cure?”…show more content…
Your grandma is a fighter” Everyone fell into a wave of tears. How were we going to move on? For the next ten to fifteen minutes the room fell silent. We were both sent into an immediate rush of shock. Grief stricken some would say. Others would tell you its just a part of life and that life will go on, But in that moment it felt as if my life was on pause. I could not breath, I could not move, I could not think. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Was it something that we could have prevented? How could such a healthy parent, grandmother, and wife become so ill over such a short amount of time? We were all stuck with so many unanswered questions, And there was no one available to answer any of them. The day my grandma Thelma has surgery to have the cancerous lymph nodes removed, my family went up to see her. She was just lying lifelessly in the hospital bed. Braydon and I didn 't know how to respond. Do we ask questions? Do we say nothing? Could we say anything? My grandmother spent the next three years fighting for her life. She fought chemotherapy. She fought radiation. She fought her own body each and everyday. Her body was trying to kill her, however she was unable to pause her life. Around the same

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