Cancer Is A Common Type Of Invasive Breast Cancer

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Cancer is a term that classifies the compilation of diseases that may occur anywhere in the body due to rapid formation of abnormal cell growth. Normal cells develop into abnormal cells when there is damage to the DNA. Hyperactive reproduction of abnormal cells or cancer cells will develop into lumps that may either be benign or malignant. Benign masses are non-cancerous and usually remain in the same area from which they formed in the body. Malignant masses on the other hand are cancerous and tend to spread and multiply to more than one area in the body. Due to the reason that cancer may affect nearly every part of the body, the…show more content…
Malignant tumors do not infect just one part of the body it may expand to different areas of the body. Consequently, women are advised to practice at home methods as well as schedule routine breast exams. Diagnosis of breast cancer can involve breast self-examinations (BSE), mammograms, ultrasounds, magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRIs), computerized tomography scans (CTs), and biopsies. BSE is an at home procedure that any women can to do actively examine both breasts, nipples, lymph nodes, armpit areas, the collarbone, and neck for changes. Regular BSEs allow individuals to detect noticeable changes in their chest. Lumps that may be cancerous will feel abnormally secured to the skin over it or under the chest wall. Besides odd growths in or around the breasts, other changes in the breasts may include atypical discharge, swelling, dimpling of the skin, nipple pain or the nipples may turn inward, and etc. Although BSEs have been shown to meticulously discover cancer growths, it does not actually lower the chances of death from breast cancer. BSEs should be supplemental to routine breast screenings. Early stages of breast cancer may be detected by breast screenings. The first step in breast screening is
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