Cancer Is Not A Single Disease?

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Cancer has been an undeniably terrible disease and with no known way to prevent cancer it has taken the lives of many and has no intentions to cease. Cancer, defined by The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, is “Not a single disease but a group of about 100 diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, many of which form masses (tumors), and the ability of those cells to spread by way of the circulatory and lymphatic systems from the original site to distant parts of the body, invade other tissues, and form new tumors” (245). Cancer can affect any part of the body and hence which part it affects is used as an adjective for cancer, e.g., breast and lung cancer is cancer of the breast and lungs, respectively. For each area of the body where a tumor grows, can be more serious than another. This is because the tumor may pressure an organ or rest on a blood vessel that which will inhibit regular bodily functions. Cancer can be caused by a plethora of things, i.e. mutation through viruses, chemical or radiations, carcinogens. Mutation, a type of evolution, is any change in the nucleotide sequence of a cell’s DNA (Reece 199), this may come about by having a virus, exposure to certain chemicals and radiation, after the mutation, there is no reversing it and hence can be transferred genetically to any children. A carcinogen defined by Encyclopedia Britannica is, “any of a number of agents that can cause cancer in humans,” which leads to mutation. After…

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