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Cancer is a disease that results to an abnormal growth of the cells and form tumors which may spread throughout the body leading to the body malfunction (Radon & Raymond, P4). While there are various types of cancer such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer among others, this paper will focus on lung cancer and will major in the following:
• The main causes of lung cancer
• The origin of lung cancer
• Transmission of lung cancer
• Signs and symptoms of lung cancer
• Diagnosis of lung cancer and finally
• The prognosis of the disease

Lung cancer occurs when the cell of the lung grows abnormally. The abnormal
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A sample of the fluid is taken by a needle and then it is examined for cancer cells.
c) Bronchoscopy. Through the mouth or nose, a tube is connected to enable the view of the lungs and remove lung tissue that might be examined
d) Video-assisted thoracoscopy (VATS). Biopsies are of paramount importance in this case. Therefore, for the purposes of examination, the doctor introduces a thin cylinder on which a small video machine is attached into the affected lung. This procedure enables the doctor to perform biopsies.
e) Blood test. This is the test carried out to identify the quantity of red-blood cells, platelets and white blood cells in the blood (, para 4)
f) Fine-needle aspiration. This is done by computed tomography. A pathologists carries out this procedure so that he/she can be abls to evaluate the patient at the lymph node hence if it is infected, the infected cells are removed.
g.) g) Pulmonary tests. They are procedures carried out to determine the capacity of respiration in the lungs. hence, the procedure enhances the identification of the patients’ capability to tolerate any radiation treatment. Prognosis of lung cancer.
This is the probability to cure lung cancer. It depends on factors such as symptoms, type of lung, the patient status, cancer, and finally the location of the cancer. If untreated SCLC has an average survival time up to four months. It is only a small
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