Cancer Screening : A Effective Screening Program As A Nurse Leader

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Cancer screening plays a vital role in detecting the disease early and preventing it from spreading. The purpose of screening is looking for cancer before a person has any symptoms. It is very important to enlighten populations at risk the significance of early cancer screening. People should have clear, understandable and correct knowledge of these tests which will help them to make informed decisions about their health care. The purpose of this paper is to observe the Every Woman Matters Program, reasons of its ineffectiveness in meeting its goals, review two evidence based cancer screening advocacy programs and the strategies to create more effective screening program as a nurse leader.
Every Woman Matters Program

Every Woman Matters (EWM) a state-run federally funded program, is designed to remove barriers to preventive breast and cervical cancer screening by raising public awareness of the risk and making screening more financially accessible to low-income women (Backer et al., 2005). Eligible women received a clinical breast examination, mammography, and Papanicolaou smear test at reduced or no cost (Backer et al., 2005). EWM program used the GAPS Model. This practice based intervention study was designed in collaboration with the Nebraska Health and Human Services EWM Program (Backer et al., 2005). In this study, seven primary care practice clinics were enrolled. Participating clinics were advised of the study’s purpose, and during the informed consent process
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