Cancer: The Hunza People

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These People Have Never Heard about Cancer, They Don’t Get Sick and Live up to 120 Years! Learn about Their Secret The Hunza people are the healthiest people in the world. They never get sick and don’t have cancer. The most unusual thing is that they live up to 120 years. They always wash themselves with cold water and the women give birth at the age of 65. Pretty unusual, isn’t it? The Hunza people consume apricots a lot. They dry them in the sun and eat them through the whole year. The only foods that they eat are foods that they produce and grow themselves. These foods are: legumes, raw fruits, raw vegetables, eggs, dried apricots, milk, different cereals such as barley, millet and buckwheat and many other healthy natural foods.…show more content…
In this period, they only drink dried apricot juice. The reason why these people don’t suffer from cancer is probably the large quantities of apricots that they consume. Apricots are rich in vitamin B17, a potent anti-cancer agent. All of these reasons are why the Hunza people live so long and give birth so late in
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