Candadite Dr Jill Stein Analysis

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The Candadite that I am endorsing is Green Party Candadite Dr. Jill Stein. The reason that I am endorcing Jill is because she is the only Candadite that is running for president that is willing to put people, planet, and peace over a profit unlike the other cadadites that are running. I also agree with many of her Policies like Immigration, abortion, eductaion, enviorment, ect. Dr. Jill Stein belives in freedom and Equity like expanding women’s rights, protect and defend LGBTQIA+, legalize marijuana, protect the rights of people who are indigonouse, as well as have a easy path for Immigrants to become citizens. One of the things Jill is known for is her platform on protecting the planet she intends to do this by calling an end to fracking,
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