Candidates for Job Opening

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Chosen Candidates Candidate One Jack Bernard would be the first choice for the job position. Aside from his professional demeanor, the fact that he arrived early and projected a great deal of enthusiasm and energy for the job demonstrates that he exhibits a strong amount of initiative and goal directedness. These two qualities are vital for the success of any organization. None of the positions he has on his resume shine or stand out with a certain amount of leadership or aplomb, but that's not as important as the character that Bernard projects. Bernard demonstrates that he clearly understands the importance of what it means to be a leader and knows how that needs to be accomplished. He has the solid work experience behind him to back that up. For example, one of the outstanding indicators of whether a person will be a good leader is whether or not they've shown: "Leadership in the past. The best predictor of the future is the past. When I was in business, I took note of any worker who told me he was superintendent of a school or a deacon in his church or a Boy Scout leader. If he showed leadership outside of the job, I wanted to find out if he had some leadership potential on the job" ( One of the most outstanding facets of Bernard's resume is the fact that he financed 50% of his college education. This is clearly a quality of someone who is no stranger to hard work, organization and possesses a certain degree of fearlessness. Bernard was right to put such
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