Candide And The Events Of The Time

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Candide by Voltaire is a very controversial and short novel. The story is filled with heart ache and the pains of life. The story is about a young man named Candide who was mentored by a religious idealist Dr. Pangloss. Candide also was infatuated with a woman named Cunegonde. The story was written in 1759 A.D which was a crucial time for humanity. Within the next few paragraphs the writer will explain, the cultural, contexts of Candide and the events of the time. When studying the culture of a time one must not just look at the year of interest, but the years before. Studying the of human societies and their development is called Anthropology (American Anthropological Association). This paper is not a good source for looking at…show more content…
Voltaire included this into his book, “Whirlwinds of fire and ash swirled through the streets… houses crumbled, roofs came crashing down… thirty thousand inhabitants of every age and either and either sex were crushed in the ruins” (Voltaire 362). Looking through Voltaire’s eyes this made perfect sense, it is the world we live in, nature follows its own laws. On the other end of the spectrum the earth quake makes since still, but only through the eyes of Dr. Pangloss; he believes we live in the best of possible worlds he said, “if the volcano is at Lisbon, it cannot be somewhere else, sense it is unthinkable that things could not possibly be otherwise” (Voltaire 362). Dr. Pangloss is an example of Religious Extremism he took the idea that God created world and intervenes within the world and put it to the extreme. He puts it to the extreme with his grander ideas that all things are for the good, all things will work out for the better in your life. The reality is that the best of all possible worlds is not a reality, through the unraveling of this text Candide realizes that. Although the desires of his heart to be with his Cunegonde were met eventually, it was not in the best of all possible ways, she was old and ugly. To cotinine on in this story, many more awful things continued in the lives of all of the characters, except those characters of Eldorado; Candide begins to realize that he does not live in the best of all possible worlds. Master Pangloss
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