Candide Character Analysis Essay

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March 26, 2014, I was completely bewildered. I was struggling to decifer the words in our French novel: Candide. My eyes wandered to the window, another sombre day in Rennes, France. The birds perched on the window were even harassing me with their French, singing Cui-Cui. It was still an enigma to me, how I ended up living in France. The year prior all I dreamed of was becoming a professional soccer player, entering into a rigorous academic program in a foreign land was last move any of my family or close friends would have expected from me. (Yet six months later, I was reading my acceptance letter for School Year Abroad: France. ) My daydream was cut short as Madame(Mme) Dupuis’ decrepit scratchy voice cut through the room like a knife through butter.”Dun-can,” she called with her harsh French accent. Of course she called my name, it was invariably my name. She interrogated me in condescending French by asking if I agreed with the class’s character analysis on Pierre from Candide. I looked around wide-eyed; my classmates were all staring at me in anticipation, French came all too effortlessly to them. My best friend, Greg, was even desperately attempting to utter the answer to me, but his lips only baffled me…show more content…
The fact of the matter is, I have never regretted, for a single day, living in France. It was my opportunity to grow , develop into a globally minded citizen, an omnivorous student and a philomath. That year, surrounded by sixty-five of the most intelligent and motivated classmates I had ever come across, I grew to love learning and I finally realized the importance of being vigilant in school and not just athletics. My greatest achievement, however; was not only did I leave Rennes fluent in French, I learned through perseverance that I can be successful in any situation life throws at
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