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Candide is a French satire novel written by Voltaire during the Enlightenment period. The novel tells the life story of Candide, a young and honest man from Westphalia. He falls in love with Cundegonde , the beautiful daughter of the Baron of the Thunder-ten-Thronckh. Later he is forced to leave Westphalia therefore begins his adventures throughout many different countries. Throughout his advantures, Candide’s beliefs and experiences have changed dramatically. The novel reflects a type of writing known as bildungsroman. Bildungsroman is a story in which the main character moves from a state of innocence and inexperienced to a state of wisdom and maturity through his or her experiences. The beginning course of bildungsroman is that the…show more content…
One of the most important reason for Candide to want to marry Cundegonde is that he wants to keep his promise and doesn’t want the society view him as an untrustworthy man. He has sacrificed his needs for the judgments of the society. In bildungsroman, the character is usually be able to make a smooth movement away from conformity throughout major conflicts such as individuality vs. conformity. During his adventures, Candide acquires wealth and experiences about the world. These factors cause Candide to question his belief in optimism. After Candide listened to Martin’s philosophy of pessimism, he has changed his views from optimism of Pangloss to Martin’s pessimism. At the end of the novel, Candide rejects Pangloss’ philosophy and Martin’s philosophy. He begins aware of both good things and bad things. He starts to forms his own life opinions by becoming a gardener. This is an example of individuality vs. conformity. In this novel, Voltaire is able to use bildungsroman to moves Candide from an innocence and honest man to a man of wisdom and maturity. After being forced away from Westphalia, Candide is able to acquired some knowledge about the world. He is now matured enough to be able to sacrificed his needs for his reputation. He has gained wisdoms to develop some opinions for himself. Finally, the novel Candide can be considered as a bildungsroman because of these

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