Candide: an Analysis of Voltaire's Perspective on Organized Religion.

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Candide Essay Assignment
TA: Véronique Church-Duplessis
Tutorial: 7-8 SS 2104
Sajid Borhan

Voltaire in his novella Candide portrays the adventures of a young man named Candide as he faces numerous difficulties after he is forced to leave his sheltered life of the court. Voltaire, in his satire, explores many themes. Voltaire being a critic of the Church does not show the religious institutions and the people associated with it in good light, as demonstrated by the various characters in Candide. There are few portrayals of religious characters in a positive tone. This essay will discuss and analyze Voltaire’s view on religion and how he expresses his discontent and negative impression. This essay will discuss the
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Another case of the hypocrisy of religious officials would be the friar who being in the Franciscan order contradicts the order’s value of living in poverty by stealing Cunegonde’s valuables, "I strong suspect it was that reverend Franciscan who slept in the same inn as us last night in Badajoz; God prevent me from making rash judgments, but he passed through our room twice, and he set off long before us". The corruption and hypocrisy of the religious officials continues by the introduction of the Jesuits in South America. The Jesuits are negatively portrayed in Candide. After Candide goes to South America he encounters Cunegonde’s brother who now resides there as a Jesuit priest. The author in this part of the novella addresses of how the Christian missionaries in the New World are not really ‘civilizing’ the natives. The purpose of the Christian missionaries of the Americas during that time was to ‘civilize’ the local population, as depicted, the natives are in fact against the Jesuits and thus implying that the Jesuits did not actually help the natives there but rather introduced more problems. Voltaire writes about the natives’ anti Jesuit sentiment when the native Oreillons captured Candide and were preparing to eat him mistaking Candide as a Jesuit. The writer shows the hypocritical ways of the Jesuit priest by revealing that he had

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