Candle Experiment Lab Report

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In this project we examined three explanations that talk about (a) candle(s) in a jar and their investigation reasoning to why the labs they did were concluding in such a way. The first explanation resulted that the candle inside the jar took up all the oxygen molecules inside the flask which then lowers the pressure inside and the higher pressure outside the flask is what causes the water to rise up. The second explanation resulted in that the air pressure increases inside the jar because of the heat from the candle, which causes air to come out of the jar and once the candle cools down the pressure decreases and the pressure outside the jar increases which results in pushing the air in and making the water rise up. The third explanation resulted in oxygen inside the flask becoming carbon dioxide which then dissolves in water causing the air pressure to decrease under the glass and the higher pressure outside the flask pushed the water up the flask. I believe that explanation number three is right because the flame causes carbon dioxide to be created and that…show more content…
The one candle got the water to rise up 1 inch and a half, two candles rose ¼ of an inch and the three candles got the water to rise up ¼ of an inch as well. Because of the results it was hard to match it with an explanation but the closest it supported was explanation 3 because of the water still rising a bit than nothing. Since more candles mean more carbon dioxide being created we came to conclude that there might have been CO2 molecules dissolving in the water causing it to rise a bit. The experiment disagreed with explanations 1 and 2 because there was no pressure in the outer of the flask to cause the water to rise up and the water barely rose which causes it to be that what should have caused the rising was the CO2
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