Cane Shakes, By Marissa Galletti And Nick Napoli

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I am a consultant for nonprofits, especially those focused in arts administration. The company I will be evaluating is Cane Shakes, which was founded by Marissa Galletti and Nick Napoli. This touring company’s main office is located in El Paso, Texas. Cane Shakes focuses on bringing Shakespeare’s comedic work into retirement homes. They also hold performing arts classes for the communities they visit. Cane Shakes’ executive summary mainly discusses financial stability, location, facilities, and community involvement. The executive summary makes some quality points. For example, “We are confident that our combination of professionals will not only create a financially stable business but also an artistic reservoir for the community.” This part of the executive summary is solid and completely relates to the company as a whole. Also, Cane Shakes has decided that 55% of income is earned, and 45% of income is from fundraising. This fiscal goal does not follow through in the budget, so the company needs relook at this. Cane Shakes states that they will be taking over spaces that communities allow them to use for shows and classes. In the organizational overview, it is stated that Cane Shakes’ main goal is “to produce Shakespeare’s comedic works using the residents of elder care facilities across the country.” Because of the order of the business plan, this is the first time Shakespeare is being brought up. Producing comedic Shakespeare plays was not discussed in the vision,

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