Cane Sugar And Tooth Decay

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Dentists always advise their patients that eating a large amount of sweets can cause tooth decay. In fact, sweets lower the pH levels in the mouth, which mean they increase high acid levels. Normally the pH levels at 5.5 or above are unlikely to cause tooth decay.
There are three kinds of ingredients include fruit sugar, cane sugar and honey. About 5 minutes after consumption of cane sugar, the pH levels in the mouth lower to approximately 3.5. Although it slowly rises up, it’s still below 5.5 until at least 30 minutes. Next one is fruit sugar. After consumption for 5 minutes, the pH levels drop to roughly 4.3. Then it starts to go up above pH 5.5 within 15 minutes. The last one is honey, which is the safest substance of all three. After
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