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CanGo Company CanGo Company Issues A comprehensive assessment was conducted for the CanGo Company, and the objective was to unearth the causation factors for their operational issues. In the initial phase of the evaluation, it was quite evident that the root cause of their difficulties was a direct consequence of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) whose ambition for the company was distorted. Consequently, their mission and vision was not clearly defined, which shaped a company’s culture of organized chaos. This deficiency positioned the CanGo Company in a reactionary environment, instead of navigating a path of continual stability and progression. In the final analysis, it was apparent that the fundamental organizational blueprint of…show more content…
A Business plan will also influence the CEO to clearly outline the intended niche and target market through research; possessing a transparent understanding of the demographics, behaviors, geographic’s, and psychographics (lifestyle) argued Parmele (2013) from business Additionally, completing a business plan will allow the company to be more realistic differentiating their products, marketing approach, and determining financial factors involved. This tactic will also prevent the CEO from entering a new market without investigation; more specifically integrating an online gaming system. The subsequent counsel for CanGo is to initiate a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. This action is necessary because the establishment possess no tangible operational history; due to the fact that the CEO admitted that success was the result of luck. This tactic will be a building block that will provide insight on the company’s capabilities, and also prevent decisions from entering a market that can possibly decline according to Goltz (2013) from New York Times. The closing recommendation for this segment is to transform the CEO’s way of thinking, to help her realize that if she doesn’t know something that it is acceptable to tap into the capabilities of the staff, stated Jensen (2013) from Also, it is necessary to

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