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CanGo Analysis Final Report Sherry Youngs, Alheri Gajere, Oksana Harbar, Hope Muhammad and Binish Maroof Be Bold Consulting Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Analysis 2 SWOT Analysis (Oksana Harbar) 2 Market Analysis (Alheri Gajere) 5 Competitive Analysis (Binish Maroof) 7 Financial Analysis (Sherry Youngs) 8 Strategic Recommendations 9 Conclusion 9 Works Cited 10 Appendix 11 Be Bold Consulting has been invited to provide CanGo with solutions and recommendations towards the advancement of the company. Over the last two months Be Bold has observed the operations of CanGo’s managers and employees. Through our observations we have found a number of issues and have several recommendations. Be Bold…show more content…
to develop and maintain a viable fit between their objectives, resources, and opportunities * Need for systems analysis and programmer. The marketing department must focus and apply their expertise and support in the areas of market intelligence and strategic business planning. Opportunities * Developing an in-house database that is incorporates into an automated storage and retrieval system ASRS. An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is a great resolution for CanGo’s inventory usage. * Opportunities also exist in the Asia Pacific region for online sales. Company has to keep an eye on the future opportunities and possible consumers. The region could be their next step ahead to become a continental corporation. * Updating the website to incorporate some of the marketing ideas found to be relevant in the recent research analysis project. Threats * CanGo needs to expand its operating capacity to continue its’ growth. If they stay the same there won’t be growth, so in order to become more profitable, beneficial, and successful company they need to increase their productivity. * Management must develop a strategic management plan. The purpose of the strategic marketing plan is to fit between the organization’s objectives and resources and its changing market opportunities so it is beneficial for

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