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Senior Project BUSN 460-Professor T. Wischer DeVry University November 21, 2013 6 Issues facing CanGo from week 3and week4 Maurine Edwards Market Research Flow Charts/Data Brent Tucker Leadership Financial Caromill Almanzar Website/User Friendly ASRS 3 Issues facing CanGo from week 3 Jack’s justification for the new system (ASRS) - Caromill Almanzar Jack feels that the company should go under a new system to increase efficiency for their warehouse and inventor. Liz is concerned that the investment for the (ASRS) may not yield the necessary return to justify the investment. Jack’s argument is, the (ASRS) will help tremendously with the pickup station operators, to an extent that the station will be gone.…show more content…
The company can implement a wireless barcode input as well, which will help them achieve 99% inventory accuracy. Also the advantage realized in this system will allow CanGo to streamline their employees, paperwork, supplies, shipments and increase manageability of their reports. *ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning Data/Flowcharts- Maurine Edwards The team by Nick, Whitney, Warren, Gail, and Debbie has difficulties when defining and deciding how much data/details they need to include when creating the flowcharts .The process flow chart has not been completed as accurately and no one has communicated to Warren that there were additional questions that needed to be addressed before it could be completed. The improvement team is seeking ways to improve on the wait time for the current phone systems in place for better communications when their customers are calling in to ask questions, complain or are looking to return a product. Recommendation: One person on the Improvement team needs to be accountable for the flow chart and who is currently working on it and make sure the deadline is met to have the flow charts into Warren for review. There needs to be better aggressive approach from management for communication and collaboration efforts made from the team and there also is a need to create urgency of having the flow chart in a timely manner and stress the importance of

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