Essay on Cango: Strategic Management and Online Gaming

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Senior Project For the week 2 Team report you are to list 6 issues facing CanGo that you gleaned from the week 1 and 2 videos. They should be prioritized in order of importance. They should be numbered. The team must then come up with an actionable recommendation for each of the issues found. These should also be numbered. 1. CanGo does not have a a concise vision or mission statement that defines who they are as a company. Solution: CanGo needs to find out what market they want to be in and also figure out what market they want to be in, and where they see themselves going as a company and what values they have. 2. CanGo did not approach the strategic planning correctly for the online gaming. They discussed going…show more content…
This way tasks will not be inappropriately assigned. Set up a training session or a number of sessions as needed to bring everyone up to speed as far as what is expected for status reporting, prioritizing, scheduling tasks, and de-conflicting schedules. 4. Nick and the team members are not organized and they are distracting to each other when they are supposed to be working. Solution: The members should be more considerate in talking about some other topics. They can talk about side topics after work, and not during meetings. The main focus is to help out Nick on how to be successful on their new venture. Nick needs to be organized and ready to do the job. 5. Nick did not have a proper plan in place for the launch of the gaming system. He also did not step up and ask for help when he needed it. Solution: Nick should have figured at a proper plan for the launch of the online gaming system. A strategic goal plan should have been approved and put in place before Nick and the team were able to start on the project . Nick should have prioritized and been specific about the goals in the planning of the project through the use of the Gantt Chart. This would have allowed him to give a breakdown of all the issues that needed to be addresses such as hardware, software, recommendations, price comparisons, and testing. Nick not only failed to ask for help, but he did not ask any clarifying questions when the project was assigned to him.

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