Cango: Strategic Management and Swot Analysis

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This report presents the meetings that have taken place here at CanGo. For the short time I have been observing I have learned that CanGo is a small company but is one of the fastest growing companies around. During the meetings none of the staff members talked about the effects that online gaming would have. Furthermore, staff didn’t ask opinions on the online gaming topic they also didn’t speak about price of stock or how it contribute to the overall strategy. Some employees would like to see some firm financial projections before implementing the online gaming. During the meeting the staff assumes they would have to settle for the preliminary marketing plan. The staff seems they are not properly organized to do research on the online…show more content…
We would include all employees’ even managers to cooperate better and work as a team. We would also recommend that the staff be properly trained in certain departments. For instance I would recommend the staff have an organization training therefore customers don’t go unnoticed for a long period of time and important documents immediately considered. Planning is probably the most important step in creating a successful presentation of any kind. Many forget the real concept of planning, planning helps you decide on the content and the order in which the information will be presented. The company would suggest planning formal planning to be exact. I would propose Business planning, in some form, which is here to stay. Highly evolved and complex planning cycles are in use in most companies. In many sectors which are somewhat immune to rapid changes in the business environment for structural reasons, above all, such as the long lead time necessary to plan and to build a power plant, for instance the established form of planning will continue to be used as a major management technique. Elsewhere signs are present that business planning will undergo a radical change soon. The annual cycle is already being abandoned by some. The new style of planning will most likely introduce much shorter time horizons, more fluid budgetary methods, and restructure managerial rewards to provide incentives for flexibility and innovation. A suggestion I would implement would be a great

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