Cango Week 3 4 Analysis

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Week 3 video starts by Jack argue with Warren the new layout that incorporates bar-coding and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). they were discussion about simplifying, eliminating, automating and integrating and what the ASRS would do for the distribution facilities. Jack wasn’t looking into the company current financial situation and more looking ahead into the future and how with having this new ASRS and how much quicker it would be than with the current system that they have for the picking. Jack also mentioned he wants 2 ASRS. But Jack has not really discussed how pricey this new system is and what it would do with the current employees that are on the old system and what they would do with the new ASRS and
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The IT team of CanGo needs to design a professional looking website. Eliminate any spelling errors or other mistakes on the site and add an "About Us” and place a link on the homepage so customers can find it easily. Give the history of the company, as well as a physical address. Provide a phone number that customers can call with questions and problems. The easier for customers to contact the company, the more likely they are to buy your merchandise or service.
When customers place their order on-line, and when they press the "submit" button, it signals the order fulfillment software to swing into action. Coding of book numbers indicates where the books come from. Bestsellers are shipped directly from CanGo 's warehouse. Bestsellers are stored at CanGo so that they can be shipped quickly. Often, they can be shipped the same day they are ordered. Books from wholesalers should take about two days until they are received, repackaged, and shipped to customers, while books from publishers should take about three days for the same process. If a customer places an order for books that come from more than one source, all books are held until the order is complete. Books held in inventory (bestsellers of all types) are received from wholesalers at the receiving dock. They are sorted by subject and moved to the proper storage shelf in the book storage area on

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