Canine Crate Essay

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Choosing a dog crate for our beloved pet is not always an easy job. Because of so many choices at the pet store today, it become even more difficult to find a canine crate that is best suited to our puppy. Not only the choices but there are some factor that need to be considered when choosing a dog crate, such as breed of our dog, crate price, intended use of the crate and type of the crate. Below is some information about dog crate that can help you decide on which one is best suited to your dog.

Size Of The Dog Crate

Crate size is very important factor on choosing a canine crate. Canine needs adequate room to stand, lie down, curl up and turn around comfortably. General size of canine crate should be 6" longer and higher from your adult
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Contain with heavier gauge and even closer spaces than the medium duty crate. This heavy duty cage is most used by the trainers and breeders.

Type Of Dog Cage

There are two popular type of puppy cage on the market today. Drop pin cage is the earlier type. It is commonly used by dog owner that wish to set up the cage in one place. The drop pin is easy to set up without using any tools. Dog folding cage is the new style, easy to fold and usually lightweight. This cage is well known as portable dog cage.

The Cage Function
You can use the cage to train your dog the housebreaking training, the potty training, control the chewing problem and many others. So you must choose the dog cage that suit the best for the job and the dog breed.

Many dog owners are having two type of dog cage for different job. Stationery one for at home and training, dog folding cage for traveling. The portable cage is very helpful when you are traveling with your dog. It is good for the dog safety inside the car and makes the dog feel secure and relax during the trip. For traveling with airplane you must provide the airline pet cage that usually made of plastic or aluminum. Remember to consult the cage requirement with the airline because it can be different each
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