Cannabis Legalization

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The Legalization of Cannabis The legalization of cannabis has been a very popular topic lately. A large majority of Americans feel that cannabis products should be legal in the United States. With new research, researchers have discovered that cannabis is essentially harmless, and is safer than legal products such as alcohol and tobacco. Most states have already legalized medical use, and more states are following the trend of Colorado to legalize recreational cannabis.
Cannabis should be legal because it is a victimless crime. It is not the government's role to dictate what their citizens can or cannot put into their bodies. Cannabis is a safe way for someone to relieve stress after a long day. It also has many medicinal benefits that fight various diseases, including Cancer, PTSD, Parkinsons, and more.
The medicinal benefits of cannabis are nothing short of amazing. Many veterans come back from war, mentally destroyed. Cannabis helps veterans and victims of PTSD tremendously. It relieves the tension and episodes that trigger their PTSD. Also when someone has a severe injury, they are given opiates (powerful painkillers) which are very dangerous, and addictive. Cannabis is a much safer alternative than opiates, and does the same job by dulling or even numbing the pain. In states that have legalized, opiate usage and overdose statistics have dropped tremendously. After Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis, opioid related deaths decreased 6%.
Cannabis is also a

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