Cannibalism Is Taboo And A Violation Of The Law

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The film showcases cannibalism, which is taboo and a violation of the law. Cannibalism is generally frowned upon because it is not something that civilized societies engage in. Cannibalism is an action that is primitive and what wild animals do in order to survive. For humans to commit this atrocity, it signifies that we have not moved beyond our animal nature. Thus, cannibalism threatens the idea that we have evolved beyond this primitive behavior that separates us from wild animals. It violates the border between civilized and savage. When we see Leatherface and his family engage in cannibalism, we are repulsed that they could violate this taboo that is central to maintaining a civilized society. Additionally, cannibalism is taboo because it is like eating oneself. Kristeva (1982) writes, “Fear of the uncontrollable generative mother repels me from the body; I give up cannibalism because abjection (of the mother) leads me toward respect for the body of the other, my fellow man, my brother.” The maternal body is a reminder of the ties and dependence we had on our mothers. The fear of the mother’s generative power makes her body and thus all other bodies abject and inedible. By not consuming the flesh of other humans, we are able to maintain our connections to other people. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre depicts more severe acts of violence on women than men, which may be explained by the abject. Creed (1986) suggests that the reason for significant bleeding in a slasher

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