Cannibals: Native Americans In The New World

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Monsters. Cannibals. Humans? Unlikely. These savages kill for sport. They’re mostly naked, with no sense of decency. They still used bows and arrows. And to top it off, they aren’t even Christian. The Indians may be uncivilized in the European’s eyes, but in all reality, they’ve built nations that are bigger and more advanced than what Europeans could have ever imagined.
These people that we broadly categorize as Native Americans descended from a small band of men and women who had crossed the Bering Strait land bridge between Alaska and Siberia about 12,000 years ago. The bridge closed about a thousand years after their arrival, effectively barring anyone else from joining them. As a result, they effectively closed themselves out from the rest of the world for thousands of years. This gave them the chance to thoroughly “explore the entire continent” and learn how to properly cultivate the land around them, and also grow their population to 10s of millions (Resendez 139).
The Old World had only bothered to look at the differences between themselves and the New World. These Indians were nomads who still hunt and trail their game from place to place. Instead of one God, they believed in many spirits who controlled the nature and land around them. The Native Americans had no actual written language
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On the contrary, they had managed to build great nations without the luxury of going to neighboring countries and comparing technologies and stealing ideas. By the time Europeans made contact, the Native Americans had built “a world unto itself” in the Americas (Resendez 139). They had tremendous trading networks, complex forms of government, accurate calendars, and had even established systems of mathematics. They were also agriculturally superior. Regarding development, these 2 worlds were more alike than they thought. Unfortunately, no observer bothered to really
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