Canoe Lake Recount

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“Johnny!” my Mom said with a whisper. “Get your stuff it’s time to leave.” Our family road trips always started before the sun came up. The 10-hour drive felt like an eternity. However, from the moment we arrived in Tennessee to the time we left, our trip never fell short of excitement. From bears to being sky high and taking on the rapid water our trip to Tennessee was never forgettable.

As soon as we got to our cabins my Aunt Tete and Uncle Brian spotted a bear! Justin, my stepdad, and I were angry because we wanted to find one ourselves. So every night Justin and I would try to lure a bear in. We would throw last night's dinner, our snacks, and some marshmallows off our balcony in hopes a bear would come. The bear hunt was on! Unfourtantly, by the end of the trip, we had no success. But instead of feeding a bear we found out
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It was time to battle the water; we went white water rafting. The water thrashed us all over the place in our little boat. Midway through our adventure there was this girl who was struggling in her canoe. She was falling behind and we were quickly approaching the hardest part of the rapids. Even though I did not really know how to canoe I still switched boats with her. Now I was in a canoe and she was with my family on the raft. It was my first time canoeing, and I have to admit I was kind of scared. I took the rapid like a champ al by myself and me feel accomplished.

By the end of our trip between the bears, the tram, and rafting I could not have felt ever more enjoyed by the feeling of being one with nature. As our vacation days came to an end the following morning I heard my mom whisper "Johnny, get your stuff it’s time to leave," as it was time to make the road trip back home. The great memories and stories I have from this trip are one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. I hope to one day go back and create more amazing stories and
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