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Canon MARKETING PLAN April 15th 2012 Table of Contents Statement of Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4 1. SITUATION ANALYSIS 5 1.1 Industry Analysis 5 1.2 Sales Analysis 6 1.3 Competitive Analysis 8 1.4 Customer Analysis 11 1.5 SWOT Analysis 11 2. OBJECTIVES 12 2.1 Corporate Objectives 12 2.2 Marketing Objectives 12 3.1 Market Segmentation Strategy 13 3.2 Targeting Strategy 13 3.3 Product Life Cycle 14 3.4 Potential Strategies 14 3.5 Core Strategy 15 4. MARKETING PROGRAMS 17 4.1 Marketing Mix 17 4.2 Loyalty Programs 20 4.3 Customer Service & Support 20 4.4 Market Research 20 4.5…show more content…
Advanced Smart AUTO now identifies 28 shooting scenes, making automatic shooting even more intelligent. 4. Shoot slow motion video with the Super Slow Motion Movie function and playback at 30 fps. 5. High-Speed Burst mode for capturing sports and action shots. 6. Cool new features like Best Image Selection and Handheld Night Scene, give you greater flexibility when shooting your favorite images. We select the followings as our target markets: 1. The young who have received higher education, and are interested in new technology innovation, as well as pursue individualistic. 2. The middle-aged people(always the female), who have established their occupation and their social status. They purchase digital camera mainly to record their daily life. Distribution channel is the link connecting manufacturers and consumers; Canon is beginning with "channel flat" to quickly increase market share in China. We select one-level selling method which means that directly through the agents or retailers delivering superior service to consumers. 1. SITUATION ANALYSIS 1.1 Industry Analysis 1.1.1 Market Characteristics Canon has occupied nearly half of the Chinese digital camera market with appropriate 14.5% market share. And our target market China, as a large population of more than 1.3 billion, is developing rapidly recent years. There is no doubt for Canon continuing to regard the large Chinese market as a main potential development

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