Canon V. Canon 's Strategic Perspective

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During the 1960’s, when Canon directly challenged Xerox in the copier market, it is apparent that the organisation used a range of competitive strategies to achieve surpassing success. Unlike Xerox, Canon focused their attention on quality, reliability and serviceability from the outset. This combination along with Canon 's expertise, experience and knowledge of this industry, have allowed them to successfully challenge and sustain their competitive position in the market.

Canon’s strategic perspective was a strong mechanism for their sustained competitive advantage, adopting an inside-out approach. Canon’s strategy was a product focus, whereby it deployed its technological capabilities to develop a variety of diverse products, which the firm then marketed through a wide range of dealer networks and direct sales channels. This enabled Canon to leverage their expertise to develop a wide range of unique products, the costs for this development were relatively low as it leveraged on existing capabilities. Canon were able to use this to gain a wider span of experience in the use of this technology, later resulting in high quality products. However, relying fully on this approach may have resulted in risks for Canon, as there is the potential danger that the company may have been unaware of changing trends in the market and therefore be unable to respond to these changes, giving their competition a lead. It would appear from the case study, however that Canon’s strategy also…

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