Canyon Ranch Case Study

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Canyon Ranch is a Health Resort and Spa that has been around since 1979. It was built on an idea of bringing medicine and relaxation together in one place for a vacation. This is something that is costly and mainly for those who can afford the luxuries of that kind of lifestyle. A luxury is something that people do not always need but want to simply feel good and have the money to spend to make them that way. It is a getaway for the folks who need a break from the stresses of the workplace and help to guide them in a way of living that allows them to feel like they received something of value for the money they spent. This began with two resorts one located on the east coast and the other near Las Vegas. It began to grow from the amount…show more content…
Is it possible to have them bring a friend and offer them both a 10% discount to increase our traffic? Could we also invite specific types of companies to schedule vacations for their top executives to come visit us? Are there ways to have our IT help in the training and adaptation of our program coordinators? Due to the turnover in that position and the need of them to have information immediately and knowledge of how to use the IT is something of a cost to the company. What I would suggest in this is to have them share with the IT department what information they need, code a program to work with the CLS system so that we can input that information and pull it out via queries and reports to have on hand as needed upon clients’ arrival. Also have preempted training on what changes most customers make during their stay and how we might be able to get the user more adept to any discrepancies of schedules that do not fit well due to timing. This means perhaps doing things as a team and not just as individuals. Cross train and have opportunity to provide not only service but up to the minute information to the guest and staff as needed. This will only accentuate the knowledge and hands on approach that the company provides giving it that necessary edge to stay above the rest. Another thing to consider is travel costs. It is nice to get away and find a place warm and secure to pamper oneself but Canyon Ranch may wish to consider finding more places to host the guests.

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